Megatek is a professional provider of integrated IT solutions

IT Outstaffing

Flexible solutions to hire skilled professionals on-demand.

IT Outsourcing

Best-in-class IT infrastructure management.

Cloud Services

Virtual and dedicated servers in fault tolerant data centers. Backup and restore services.

Megatek Solutions

Megatek offers remote support and management of various IT services on the principles of Outsourcing without compromising the efficiency and quality. We also offer a conventional service to hire employees through Outstaffing. We provide with skilled talent for the different requirements of your technology areas.

I would like to express my gratitude to Megatek Solutions for the excellent guidance during all steps of the recruitment process, in which I was approved! I had consulting support throughout the process, which reassured me and gave me confidence. I am very happy to have signed up for the process with such a professional and above-average consulting company as Megatek Solutions.

Jessica, Tech Lead : OBERLY

"I am extremely satisfied with the excellent recruitment of Megatek Solutions. I had full support throughout the process with daily attention and professional feedback. I am very happy with the result and with the help of Megatek Solutions in these times. Thanks for everything."

Brad, General Manager: AeroTechno

"In my last project with Megatek Solutions, I participated in a world-class project, together with one of the 4 best business consultancies and having as a client, one of the largest companies in the US This made me grow professionally and personally, since I could be immersed in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team."

Douglas: LevelUp

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Outstaffing is a very efficient solution for companies to hire dedicated teams to support specific IT projects.

Our specialists will make sure they deeply understand your requirements in order to suggest the most effective solutions.


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At Megatek Solutions, we work to offer flexible and cost-effective solutions for hiring specialized high-tech skills on demand.

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