Cloud Server

Cloud Server

Megatek offers cloud Sites which is a managed hosting platform which offers creatives freedom to build and launch websites without the need to learn cPanel or server management.

  • It allows you to manage your sites quickly and effortlessly
  • Host Unlimited Sites & Apps with a single Account
  • Not require any server management skill
  • The tool can easily be integrated with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Decrease in investment in technological infrastructure

Forget about the high costs of acquisition and updating of technological infrastructure.

Relevant information about your business from mobile devices

Access the strategic information of your business, through mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones, from anywhere in the world.

Outsource your solution management and focus on your business

Invest your resources in the core of your business.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

At Megatek Solutions, we work to offer flexible and cost-effective solutions for hiring specialized high-tech skills on demand.

Project managers


Business analysts 

Developers/ Power BI developers

QA engineers

Solution architects

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